How to Integrate Analog Gateway and GSM Gateway Modules in One VoxStack Box

Date: March 25,2014.
From: OpenVox support group
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OpenVox VoxStack GSM Gateways and Analog Gateways are Feature-rich, high availability, flexible modular gateway products. This Application Note introduces some methods about “how to integrate Analog Gateway and GSM Gateway in one VoxStack Box”.


1 Hardware Setup

You should have hardware as below:
Some VS-GWM400G modules, Some GWM800S modules, and One VoxStack Box (2 Socket BOX or 5 Socket BOX, as shown above is our 2 Socket BOX).
Then connect your power supply.

2 Configure the Integrated Gateway

The GSM gateway modules (VS-GWM400G) and the Analog gateway modules (GWM800S) have their own independent operating systems. The communication between GSM gateway modules and Analog Gateway modules is via the built-in switches of the VoxStack Box. 

2.1 Login GSM Gateway Modules

For example:

You could see the GSM Gateway GUI.
Notice: About the IP address, please refer to the GSM Gateway user manual the Chapter 7.

2.2 Login the Analog Gateway Modules

As follows:

You will see the Analog Gateway GUI, about how to login Analog Gateways, please refer to the user manual of Analog Gateways. 

2.3 Configure the communication

The GSM modules with the Analog Gateway modules communicate via SIP protocols. So we should create SIP connection between the GSM gateway and the Analog Gateway. The topology is shown below:

Notice: You can use other ways (for example: IP2IP) to connect the GSM modules and the Analogy modules, about more details, please refer to the manual of GSM Gateway user manual. 

2.4 Use Analog Phones to Send Calls via GSM Modules

Step1. Setup a SIP Server on the GSM Gateway Modules

For example:

Step2. Setup a SIP Client Register to the GSM Gateway SIP Server
As follows:

Now you can see the SIP register statues in the GSM Gateway and the Analog Gateway. 

GSM Gateway

Analogy Gateway

Step3. Setup the Router in the GSM Gateway

For example:

Step4. SIP and the Analogy Port in the Analogy Gateway

Step5. Test Calls Out via the GSM Gateway

Now we connect an Analog phone to the Analog Gateway port 1, and try to call the number 10086.
You will see the call has been established in the GSM Gateway and the Analogy Gateway. 

Analog Gateway

GSM Gateway

Notice: This application can be used to any VoxStack BOX, 2 sockets or 5 sockets, and you can combine your BOX freely, only according to your needs.
Of course, you could pull network cables when you finished the configuration. In the other words, you can use it without any PBX.