VoxStack GSM Module Upgrading Guide


All steps below MUST be carried on under windows XP or windows 7 32bit system.

The firmware file "SIM840W_firmware_current.zip" must be decompressed under path without any SPACE like "E:\myfiles\", if it is "E:\my files\", the files will be broken after unzipped. Please take this note seriously!

Step 1 Download Related files

First of all, you need to download related files to be ready for flash procedure.

Latest firmware for VoxStack GSM Gateway:








Here is default info about OpenVox Voxstack GSM Gateway:



IP Address



1 * 4G


2 * 4G


5 * 4G


11 * 4G

Usernameadmin      Passwordadmin 

Step 2 Steup Remote COM mode

  1. Connect the network cable to ETH2 port, then use web browser and visit following link to open Remote COM Mode panel:


  2. Follow the tips above and click "Entry Remote COM" to activate Flashing Mode, you will see there is a circle running, once it is stopped, means Remote Com is ready.

Run RemoteCom and connect Gateway:

Fill in IP address of gateway and click "Connect", then waiting for Local Virtual COM list shows up.

Step 3 Flash GSM modules


If you have more than 1 GSM board (4 ports), then you need to flash firmware for those boards one by one, the steps are all the same as follows. 


Now we start to flash firmware for SIM840W gsm module.

  1. Run Flash_tool 

  2. Click "Scatter/Config File" and choose the following file "scat1224B02SIM840W16_OPENVOX.txt", you will see the window looks like above. 

  3. Then choose baudrate "115200" and COM port "20": 

  4. Click "Download" to to be ready for writing new firmware to GSM-1 module: 

  5. Follow the same steps above to open other 3 Flash_tool windows to upgrade GSM-2, GSM-3 and GSM-4:

  6. Switch to the RemoteCom:

  7. Power off Remote GSM modules then Power on, the downloading process will be actived. 

    It will take about 4 minutes to finish downloading process. Then you will see green circuits on your desktop after the downloading finished. 

  8. Click the green circles and start Format process: 

    After click "OK", the format process is ready, apply the steps to all 4 Flash_tool windows. 

  9. Then power off and power on the GSM Modules to active format process: 

    After Format process finished, you will see the window as below. 

Reboot the gateway to finish upgrading GSM Modules. 


Now we start to flash firmware forM35 gsm module.

  1. Open web browser to enable Remote COM:

    Then tart RemoteCom to connect the target gateway:

  2. Run QuecFOTA_V1.3 flash tool:

  3. Click "Config", you will see the setting window:

    Choose "115200" and "1K Bytes":

    Select the right firmware bin file:

    Choose Virtual COM 3,4,5,6 above corresponds to GSM port 1,2,3,4:

  4. Click "Start the SW upgrade" to be ready for flash procedure.

    Then click "Power Off Remote GSM Modules" and "Power On Remote GSM Modules" to activate the flash tool.

    Now you can see the flash procedure is in full swing.

    Once it reaches 100%, you will see following picture which means flashing successfully.

  5. Click "Leave Remote COM" to bring gateway back to work.
  6. Confirm the result:

Step 4 Confirm the result

After the whole flash procedure finished, you need to confirm the result is successful.

The following picture shows you current version of firmware on GSM module.